Tori entered into a marketing role (editing for a giant CA State agency) soon after college and it wasn’t too long before she was recruited by one of the “Big 4” consulting firms in America.

This is where she learned ALL about strategic roadmap building and implementation. She brings that same level of expertise to you now. 

She switched gears and worked at marketing agencies, eventually running a marketing department where she realized the only next logical step was…to start her company, then called Martin & Co. | Where Marketing is Art. She realized that most marketing was just as soulless as the corporate world and she was tired of it, so she created a company where she can make changes in the marketing space. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be harmful or manipulative. It gets to just be good. Good marketing can change the world. Tori does this using her formulated Empact™ Framework to make ethics in marketing an implementable strategy and not simply a feel good line in a mission statement. 

Tania Moraes-Vaz

I have no words to describe how impactful her work is…
Having her be a part of my business has made the biggest difference. We have streamlined almost everything on the back-end and restructured offerings. She has helped me navigate some of my toughest client challenges. She is more than my OBM + creative go to: she is my right and left brain! She is a genius when it comes to creative marketing as well as streamlining and strategizing.

Mandy Austin

Tori's thorough approach to marketing is so simply laid out! She literally spelled out all the steps. And the support of her knowledge is beyond helpful. If you're needing that marketing nudge to make your brand bigger, she will definitely help set you apart!

Zara Ashby

Working with Tori is the best thing you can do for your business!!! She’ll not only grow your audience but help you create smart marketing moves that will set a strong foundation for future growth.

Shannon Garrison Negi

Tori has been a literal godsend in my business. I knew it was time to get more support so that I could spend my time serving & creating vs. doing in my business. She has the structure that I lack & is always able to connect everything in a way that allows me to actually get content out. My days are constantly filled with more flow knowing she is taking care of the behind the scenes details for me.