Shannon Garrison Negi is a recovering corporate executive who understands exactly how successful women still (somehow) feel like they just “haven’t made it yet.”

She is the founder of Leadership Revitalized, a company that supports high achieving women with a combination of strategy and spiritual wellness while cultivating the leader within that they are meant to be.

She understands that strategy is important, but it comes second to the work on the inside.

Using a combination of over 20 years of her business experience along with human design, Ayurvedic principles & energetics, Shannon brings a unique level of support to her clients by clearing money blocks & alchemizing the mind, body and the spirit frequency so clients become more embodied leaders.

She is a CPA & master strategist with over 20 years of experience providing financial and strategic decision support to companies around the world.

She has made it her mission to heal the dysfunctional workplace and redefine how leaders lead.

Sherrie Comeaux

This goddess retreat was so amazing! I gained so much energy to help me move forward in my Reiki business: Life Source Reiki. Thank you so much Shannon Garrison Negi. I am so ready for this next adventure!

Calli Tony

Simply Amazing!! My sister, Shannon Negi, worked with me through one of her sessions yesterday. Not only did it ALL make sense and clear up so many questions for me, I truly felt every inch of the session in my mind, body, and soul! To top that off I woke up today with so much clarity on my mission. I had new ideas and the creative juices were truly flowing! If you are blocked in any way at all, Shannon is your woman!!

Denise Frank

Over the last 2 years, you’ve helped unlock parts of me I was afraid to confront and work through. Although music has always been my go-to to release stress, and I love to dance, it wasn’t until you did a new moon ceremony, that I discovered the power contained in moving your body to release pent up energy. You helped me understand that spirituality is in all of us if we allow ourself to open up to it, to release old energy that keeps us from becoming our true self, and unearthing the things that cause us to be stuck. You poked and I got irritated a time or two, however, now I understand that you were trying to get me to dig deeper to discover the power I possess deep within. I’m grateful for the journey that led to now.