Michele Thomas is a certified medical intuitive and holistic life coach who helps individuals identify the energies blocking their radiance and assists them in releasing what’s holding them back, allowing them to step confidently into the extraordinary life they deserve!

Channeling her divine team of ascended masters and archangels, Michele has the unique ability to help you gain clarity and understanding about what’s affecting your physical body, and assists in healing and coaching her clients to improve the wellness of their mind, body, and spirit.  

I see how all of these aspects of your body are linked and how they can be healed.

My divine team helps to heal, release, repair, and remove what's ailing you to assist with better overall health and wellbeing.

I always recommend multiple sessions to ensure you are at your peak health and to assist with some ailments that require multiple sessions.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Grab a Release and Realignment Session Bundle Today!

  • I assess your full Chaka system to see where your energy is leaking, being blocked, or stagnant. I help remove these energy imbalances and cut cords that may be holding you back in your life.

  • I review your physical body to see what's going on inside, including:
- 2 x 75 Minute Release and Realignment Sessions

- 1 x 30 Min Energy Tune up Mini-Session
Not sure if a bundle is right for you? Try out a single session to see what a difference healing can do for you! 
Did you know that you are MORE than just your physical body?
As a medical intuitive, and energy healer, I see how intricately linked the energy body is with our physical one. During my Release and Realignment sessions, I help you understand what is causing your physical issues and get to the root of what's happening in all layers of your energetic body.

These sessions are POWERFUL for transforming not only your physical wellness, but your emotional, and mental wellness too.

During these sessions I channel your guides, angels, the archangels, and ascended masters to assist in understanding and healing what's going on within you.

✣ Your bones, joints, and spine

✣ Your circulatory & respiratory system, heart, lungs, and blood.

✣ Your hormones, Thyroid, Adrenals, etc.

✣ Your reproductive system

✣ Nervous System

✣ Gut health

Energy Healing Bundled Sessions

Jennifer Louise

I honestly can't praise Michele and the important work she does enough! I have seen such transformation in my life since working with her. I have been a part of the masterclass, challenges, have had 1:1 healing sessions with her, and am part of her membership group. I adore Michele and recommend her powerful work to anyone that wants to truly heal and dig deep! My confidence has really grown and my light is finally shining again.

Nicole Strychaz

I loved my healing session with Michele. She was so accurate at tuning into my body and naming all the things I had been feeling! I was so drawn to her messaging about helping women who were sick and tired of being sick and tired... that was me!!! I'm already feeling better and am going to follow the suggestions she gave me to keep improving. I highly recommend working with her!

Amanda Macias

I highly recommend Michele! When I learned about her, I just knew she would be the one to help me. For Christmas, my husband got me a medical intuitive healing session with her and I am still amazed! She helped narrow down what my issues were, which got diagnosed as allergies for years, yet only got worse...I have felt great for weeks! That was my main focus, but she shared so much about me, physically, emotionally, and spiritually...I’m astonished that she picked up on so many things!! I feel equipped with so much useful information, that this year will truly be my best year! I can’t wait to work with her again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Michele!

Bridget Budrow

I am forever grateful that Michele was put on my path. Michele is the best teacher/coach!! I’ve taken all of her classes and I can’t get enough of her spiritual guidance and coaching. I really am not sure where I would be if it wasn’t for Michele. She has been the guiding light on my path through the darkness and she has led me back to my true self again. Her connection with spirit is so strong and getting that personal one-on-one coaching and guidance was the best gift I gave myself. If you are here reading this, I guarantee your guides led you here to be guided by Michele. Take that leap and invest in yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed….You will be forever grateful.