Mary Grace is a Funnel Design Strategist and Automation Expert, the Co-Founder (along with her husband) of MJ Creatives Ph, a Digital Marketing Agency for Female CEOs who want to successfully launch their online programs, masterminds, and evergreen courses without being overwhelmed.

Mary builds conversion-designed funnels, takes care of all the brand assets, seamless tech & automation, and sets up membership courses so you can focus on your primary objectives and create your bespoke offer.

“It does not need to be complicated, let the funnel do all the legwork.” - Mary G.

Laura Camacho

Deciding to work with Mary Grace and her company is the best business decision I have made this year. Not only did Mary improve drastically the quality of my existing funnels and structures, but she also streamlined everything in a simple and elegant way and she built the perfect funnel system for my launch. With projects like launches and programs, you really need someone who honors and meets the deadlines, and Mary absolutely does this. So I cannot recommend Mary enough, she has so much experience in terms of what a business like mine needs at this stage, and as I scale. So I’m gonna be working with Mary for a very long time and this comes from someone who’s picky and wishes she could do it all herself. 

Kate Lambert

Mary has literally taken away all the tech and stress away from me. OMG! Literally, the things they have done for me and my business had been outstanding. Without them, I would not be able to create what I have, a portal using Kajabi with 40 women involved. She literally has been a game - changer. Doing all the things I can never achieve. Having her and her husband are really an incredible team and really beautiful people as well. So, 5 star comes highly recommended from me. 

Nicki Jane

For anybody considering working with Mary, my advice to you is just do it. Seriously, the amount of pressure that it has taken off my business because I love coaching, I love creating, I do not like doing the funnels, doing the techy stuff. Yes, I could learn how to do it but having Mary do all these things for me has just allowed me to be in my own creation. My business is now more pleasurable. I have deadlines I would like to get done, and obviously within a reasonable ask, and she just produces the most amazing quality. I asked for a soul-driven team in my business, and I feel so so blessed and grateful to have her on my team. You are amazing Mary!

Hilary Kimball

I just feel so held, and I can really feel how this is a part of up-leveling my business by allowing some people to do some of the work, so I can focus on the creative part. They are fabulous to work with, kind, compassionate, really know their stuff in terms of Kajabi, have helped me move my two websites, and have done a lot of the admin tasks (like helping me make new courses). I cannot recommend them highly enough, so enjoy some free time after you hire them