Khadoma Colomby is a Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Teacher and Artist guiding women back into their wild and wise bodies so that they can discover, design, and live a life that comes from their true desires.

She helps women uncover and clear blocks in the body and mind, detangling from the hustle culture we have adopted as women and supporting them back into simple pleasure and authentic expression through the body.

She believes this is central to our holistic success as women in every area of our lives.
Including our business.

Khadoma has worked with women for over 2 decades, facilitating retreats, group programs and 1-1 experiences, all to support her vision of Women’s true freedom and life liberation.

She creates safe spaces for women to unfold and discover who they are underneath all that they have been told they are supposed to be, and guides them to design a life that is nourishing rather than depleting.

Her work is rooted in the body.

  • Anchoring in safety.
  • Awakening sensuality.
  • Activating desire and purpose.
  • Igniting Empowerment

Sourced Woman

The investment

This four week body bootcamp will help you:

You will be nourished by and in the experience.

You will come out the other side feeling refreshed, resourced and armed with a tool kit to build into your future.

Because really.

What is the prize in being “successful” when you are burnt out and disconnected from the life you’re creating?

It is time for you to claim your personal model of sustainable success!

  • Rediscover your inner resources
  • Reclaim them as a priority in your life
  • Plan these resources into your daily mode of operation confidently and sustainably

A 4 week Embodiment Bootcamp to find your inner Re:Sources and build a sustainable business that moves you from burnout to bliss

What do you find resourceful ?
Do you know what nourishes your body ?
Do you know how to give these things to yourself on the daily and prioritize these on your TO DO list?

Yeah. Most of us do not.

When you are a woman building your business, especially in this hustle culture model, these things continue to get pushed way down the list, to be lost along the way.

So you end up feeling depleted and uninspired for the vision you are creating.

What if you knew how to bring self care and simple pleasure into your daily business mode of operation?

What if you confidently prioritized this in your life?

How would that change your stress levels, overwhelm and creative output?

As a woman you need to bring your body along for the ride.

You need to nourish her. To take care of her. To listen to her.

Otherwise… you burn out.

Sound familiar?

You are worthy of building a life with less stress and overwhelm and more creativity and joy!

I can help you get there.
Jump on in with me!

book now

What you get:

  • One month of support with me
  • Four meetings total over Zoom
  • 1 30 minute intro call
  • 2 60 minute deep dive sessions
  • 1 30 Outro call
  • All recorded
  • 1 month VOXER personal messenger support for gentle accountability, day to day support, and a catered experience to your process as it unfolds
  • A workbook with writing prompts, mindset work, tools and planning pages to design pleasure into your daily mode of operations.
  • Weekly homework made just for you
  • Recorded audio of bespoke embodiment meditations to ground you into your body and integrate the information

$444 USD pay in full
two payments of $222 USD

Ashely Finch

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate Khadoma and her work. Taking her workshop has truly been life-changing for me.

Her gentle and loving demeanor really helped create a space that felt safe to open up and be vulnerable.

Each week of work was just as powerful as the next as it took us to deeper and deeper levels.

The deeper the healing went the more I was able to free a part of myself I always knew and felt was there, but was too afraid to expose.

Now I express that side of myself with excitement and love, and enjoy as I continue healing. Thank you so much Khadoma for this beautiful space and aiding us on this part of our journey!

Samantha Francis

I have just finished the exquisite 6 week container in Womb Awake with the lovely and serene Khadoma. Well....where do I start?

My world has transformed.
My inner lens has changed.
My mission feels so much more powerful.
I understand and love my body in a way I have never before.
I understand my anatomy and how it works in so much more depth.

I understand and can feel into the power of my body.
Get onto this course, work with Khadoma - just get into her energy and work - it is life changing and I’m so grateful for her presence in my world, we came together in the perfect timing xx

I jumped into the cycle work with Khadoma because I wanted to know more about how my cycles interact with my own creative flow and how to best use it.

I was blown away at how deep the knowledge went and just how powerful the space was held for our sacred circle.

I use her teachings in literally every aspect of my vision and it's given me a way to navigate and plan my launches, my own schedule and most important feel prepared when the horomone shifts happen.

In my 40's now and this is literally everything right now to have these teachings.

Leanna Jane Lewis