Danielle Rosado is an Intuitive Astrologer, Reiki Master, and Business Strategist who’s secret sauce is empowering entrepreneurs to take ownership of who they are and embody who they were born to be through the lens of their birth chart.

Danielle started her journey becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, stumbling upon a spiritual awakening at 23 years old, without a clue what she got herself into. Her passion for astrology stemmed from curiosity of “why” karmic events happen in the way they do. Understanding her birth chart became her deepest self healing and acceptance tool.

8 years later, Danielle uses her gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clair Cognizance plus her expertise in astrology to help business owners align with their goals on a micro and macro level. She provides exact dates for your next launch, clarity of who you’re destined to help, & business strategy to direct you on your destined timeline for success. In addition to healing & manifestation practices to use depending on how the planetary cycles impact your birth chart.

Cosmic Wealth Business Astrology Readings

3 month Quarterly Readings

1 hour birth chart & transit reading for entrepreneurs via zoom call

2 hour birth chart & transit reading for entrepreneurs via zoom call

$777 or 3 payments of $259

I provide clarity and direction for the best aligned action steps my client can take to achieve their personal & business goals through the lens of their birth chart and the timing of the planetary cycles.

I provide insights on how to embody their birth chart placements so they feel confident in growing a business in their unique way. Together, we map out their offers using auspicious dates to work in flow with their next launch within the month.

1 hour reading for $300

Quarterly Reading $777

3 payment plan $259

Same as COSMIC WEALTH BUSINESS ASTROLOGY READINGS except it’s a 3 month business strategy reading that sets them up for the quarter, rather than just 1 month

sarah howard:

Danielle Rosado you freakin magical, amazing, gorgeous soul.

Thank you so much for the reading. Sooo many things you shared with me I have felt as well. It's been the exact confirmation I've needed, and the activation that I needed as well. And it's given me so much clarity on what I've been feeling, why I've been feeling it, and direction in where to go from here.

Anyone reading this that's been on the fence about working with this beautiful soul, get off that fence and hire her.... like NOW.

rosie victoria:

Just wanted to share with you all, that I had the most amazing reading ever this morning with Danielle!

I appreciate your wisdom and magic so deep. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to master their month and step deeper in to understanding of their energy XOXO

P.s- she is worth 10,000x the investment!!!

Queens, if you are hesitating to hire Dannielle Rosado please DO IT! it will absolutely transform your life, she gave me clarity and confidence to move forward in alignment. She gave me directions on how to heal and she get you motivated to go and create the life you really want. She is REAL and fierce. Invest in yourself, you won't regret it! Her audio reading and guidance are a gift, so if you are attracted to it, JUMP.

karelle vanelslande

brooke baenen:

I HIGHLY recommend doing this! I had a reading with Danielle Rosado and it was not only mind blowing but so helpful. This is easily worth three times the price in my opinion. She is Magical.