Dana Inouye is an empowerment coach, kitchen dance partier, and mother of four.

Dana helps soulful creatives, visionaries, and rebellious leaders access their truth, connect to their wild, and source their power so that they can embody their leadership and rise to meet their calling.
She helps fire-starters ignite their spark from within so that they can set the world on fire.

Dana is obsessed with paradox, poetry, and paradigm-shifting. She believes that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully. F-bombs and dance parties are always included.

A 2-hour 1:1 intensive poised to identify a key dynamic that is holding you back from feeling pumped, doing the thing, and showing up as the embodied leader you are.

We will clear what needs to be cleared in order to fill what craves to be filled.

You will emerge feeling activated and anchored in your power, with tools to source your vital creative energy from within.

Think of it as a cauldron of embodiment, emotion activation, and energetics that when blended, will stir up the most ALIVE, lit-up, activated version of yourself.

It’s the release you didn’t know you needed so that you can BE who you always knew you are: expressive, empowered, energized and enlivened.

2 hours



Kayla Rose Yoder:

Amazing!!!! Now I’m parenting as a part of my creative self-expression instead of just being in survival mode as a mom. What a difference to feel like I’m thriving!
What a wonderful space you’ve created. I felt super connected to my vulnerability and knew it was a call to go where I don’t usually go which is powerful. I’ll also say that I felt incredibly inspired & moved by the other women in the group and it definitely left me wanting MORE connection with my emotions now that I see a new way to use them in service of my higher purpose(s) in life.

Rachel Hadiashar:

Dana is a true prophetess.
“I always feel like God speaks through you with all this brilliance. Your Flirt with Fear process is GOLD”; I apply it to the women I photograph and love seeing them unleash their power.”

Jenna Harrison:

My toddler AND business have shifted, 100% for the better!

AMAZING! I always wanted to believe I was doing the right thing (as a mom and CEO) but deep down it wasn’t really gelling because something felt off. Now I get it … and just like that my toddler AND business have shifted, 100% for the better!

Joanne Murphy Ernst:

If you need a boost of inspiration and creative thinking for your business, Dana is the real deal.

Dana has a beautiful way of helping you to unlock the obstacles that seem to be stopping you, and instead melding them into fuel to help you achieve your dreams! I can’t recommend her enough, she’s a brilliant coach.”

Trish Fortune:

Humble bow to you, dear Dana, for modeling your message so completely; and for leading us through this beautiful process.

And deep gratitude to the sisterhood that treated me with such tenderness as I emerged from my shell to reveal more of my authentic, raw, fierce, messy self. I am now spreading my message like a boss and amazing speaking opportunities are literally falling in my lap.