This isn’t just another magical mindset program

Instead, we combine the energetics of somatic clearing with industry-tested strategy to offer the best of both worlds. This enables innovative entrepreneurs to up level alongside their businesses and hold the new capacity required for them to excel.

Why Us?


We’re one of the top agencies offering coaching, energetic support and done-for-you services so you can focus on what you do best: serving clients.

Integrated support

What’s ours is yours. We don’t hold back or gatekeep anything. Investing in us means investing in our fully vetted team to help you execute and actualize your desires.

Inclusive  containers

We don’t just give you one cookie-cutter approach. We offer insights and strategies from multiple perspectives so that you can find the one that’s right for you.

Messaging. Marketing. Magick. 

The agency is the result of two women who wanted more…

Who were heartbroken by horror stories from countless clients. Unscrupulous passion predators who charged too much and gave too little seemed to be everywhere. So, we decided to BE the answer. Since joining forces in 2017, we have served hundreds of clients and given them the tools, knowledge, and mindset to succeed.

“We are the people we serve. We are committed to our craft, clients, and our community. We built this business on devotion and determination - now we’re ready to serve ambitious leaders and create commanding brands.”

- Leah & Mariah

Meet The Actualization Agent

Leah Ardent 

Personal Brand Strategist

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Mariah Rossel

Somatic Clearing Practitioner

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Tori Nicole

Multi-Platform Marketing

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Michele Thomas

Tools for Transition

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Olivia Marie

Visual Brand Strategist

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Mary Namoro

Funnel Design & Automation

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Shannon Garrison 

Leadership Communication

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Mallory Kiersten


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Julie Wolk

Program Design

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Danielle Rosado

Empowered Astrology Consultant

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Dana Inouye

Archetypes and Embodiment

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We’re honored to help take your dreams in hand.

Business development is not just ideas, it is having a vision and taking aligned action.


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