My life is NOT glamorous.

Well, it’s not only glamorous…

I’ve been reflecting these last few days about the shifts I desire in my relationships.

I’ve been behind the curtain of this community long enough to notice a few glaring issues.

Everyone seems to be lying.

I guess I should have expected that, but I’m a romantic.

What makes me so good at messaging for my clients is that I can see the best in them, and I’ve been blessed to connect with some truly talented leaders this year.

… but there’s a lot of stuff out here that’s fake af.

The number of people that are selling something they don’t have is mind boggling.

🙊Career coaches with no employment history…

🙊 Feminine business coaches relying entirely on masculine marketing infrastructures…

🙊 Money coaches that owe all over town…

WTAF is happening out here???

Clearly, we have focused too much on sales skills and not enough on service and fulfillment.

We’re about to launch our biggest project yet, and naturally it’s full of beautiful images of us.

… but that’s not our everyday life.


💜Our photo shoots are a ritual in remembrance.

It’s the time I set aside from my family to focus on my business.

It’s the time everyone knows to leave me alone, because “mom is working”.

Above everything else I an artist at heart, and photography is part of how I’m alchemizing existence.

It’s a full body practice of rebellious self-celebration in a world that minimizes mothers.

My energy is not sharing itself as rich af.

The biggest luxuries in my life are my relationships.

I value making money because of the agility it affords me and the proximity I can maintain to my home and my children.

My energy is EXTRA AF.

My energy is “uppity”.

It’s about daring to fully step into the woman this world told me I would never get to be.

I’m celebrating the life I have made.

I’m devoting time and energy to the art and poetry of my lived experience.

This is the entrepreneur fully embodied.

Nonetheless, when it’s over, I go back to my demanding reality.

I go back to the same diapers and sleep deprivation that any new mother faces.

I go back to my teenager, who has special considerations and my aging parents.

So please, don’t hire me because of an image.

If you feel drawn to me, be drawn to the truth of me.

Be drawn to the woman who balances a full on family and still shows the F up for herself.

The reality is more powerful than any fantasy.

I assure you, the power is what I bring to our work together.

So please don’t compare yourself to a business.

Behind every personal brand, is an actual person.

Don’t get it twisted.

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