You don’t have to do it alone.

So often, we are told that we each have our journey to walk. In some ways, this is true. At the end of the day, you are fully responsible for all of your decisions, all of your successes, and all of your difficulties.

And at the same time, we co-create the world that we live in. Some people do this very consciously by choosing to build and create within communities. Whether that is a spiritual community, the Burning Man community, a community dedicated to a hobby, a dungeons and dragons group, or fans of the same sports team. And while those are communities that we can specifically identify and be consciously aware that we are co-creating, sometimes we forget that we are co-creating a consensus-based reality with all humans.

When I used to teach renewable energy and sustainability, I would frequently have my students ask me what it would take to go off-grid. I was always amused by this question.

Do you want to know how much electricity it would take to power your house by solar?Do you want to know how much biofuel you need to create to offset your gas cost?Do you want to grow your own cotton, make your own fabric, and sew your own clothing?Do you want to raise your own bees, harvest your own beeswax, and make your own candles?How self-reliant do you want to be?

Eventually, they would realize that it was impractical to try to do everything alone and that a community was important. We all have different skills, and it is worth having someone be an expert that you can hire versus trying to learn all the skills to be an expert in all of the things.

The same thing is true in your business. You may be an amazing provider but also an amazing contract lawyer? Do you excel at accounting? Do you have an eye for making incredible graphics? And, do you have time to do all of the things that it takes to run a successful business while also serving your clients?

I know the answer for me is no. I don’t have all of the skills, I don’t particularly care to get all of those skills, and I know when I try to do all of those things, my ability to serve my clients immaculately suffers.

I need a team. And while yes, it costs money to have a team, I gladly pay them for their work. I pay them to support me so I can show up and do the work for my clients that they gladly pay me for.

In this way, when we are successful, our team is successful, and our clients are successful. And when our clients are successful, it means that their team and their clients are successful. And this goes on and on. And so the way that we run our business ripples out into all of our clients.

And having this team provides mutual support for everyone. I am deeply grateful for them.Stay tuned for all the beta offers for the agency that we are about to start rolling out!

One of the things that we are passionate about is helping people build their teams, and even lending our team for the success of our clients. If you are needing support, we are happy to share the amazing team that we have cultivated after many years of trying lots of people to find the ones who really make an amazing impact.

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