What is the Spiral?

What becomes possible for you when you allow yourself to be fully you?


So many of us are stuck in the programming and conditioning that the world places upon us that we can’t even conceive the idea of having “everything.”

What would it mean to have everything?

What even is this everything that we desire?

For some, it may be material possessions, although in many cases we want possessions because of the love, acceptance, and/or inner peace we think it will grant us. Whatever it is that you desire, it is possible for you to have when you allow yourself to shed the weight of the world and bring yourself into your full authenticity.

When we are our authentic selves, we are free to express who we truly are. We can let go of the masks that we’ve been wearing and finally step into our power. We can create the life that we want to live, instead of living someone else’s version of reality.

Allowing ourselves to be fully ourselves opens up a world of possibilities. It allows us to connect with our true nature and the divine intelligence that created us. It gives us access to unlimited creativity, power, and vision.

But how do we get there?

How do we quiet the noise of the world long enough that we can listen to ourselves and find out what we truly desire?

The answer lies in The Spiral.

What is The Spiral?

The Spiral is an emotional clearing modality created by Dane Tomas in 2012. It borrows from Don Edward Beck’s Spiral Dynamics, the seven chakra system, kinesiology, the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, and other sources. It is a tool for helping people to clear emotions that are no longer serving you, so you can live more authentically in the present moment.

The Spiral is based on the premise that we all have an inner guidance system that is constantly trying to lead us towards our highest good. However, when we get stuck in our emotional patterns, it can be extremely difficult for us to listen to that inner guidance. The Spiral provides a way for us to clear emotional patterns that are no longer serving us; from this place of clarity, we can listen within and make choices that are in alignment with our highest good.

The Spiral is a powerful modality that clears out your emotional conditioning around the 22 most common emotions in the human experience- the emotional conditioning that is keeping you from expressing yourself fully and living life to the fullest. This is done through muscle testing, where your Spiral practitioner tests into your energetic system for the emotional patterning that is most alive for you in the moment. Clearing occurs somatically, with your own hands on various meridian points on your body, to release the trapped emotions from your system.

The Spiral isn’t about someone else healing you; it’s about you and your practitioner working together for your healing.

What emotions get cleared during The Spiral?

The seven levels of The Spiral journey are as follows:

Level 1- Deserving: (Root Chakra) Shame, Guilt, Dogma.
Release the rules and expectations of the world, and come into a new level of worthiness and deservingness.

Level 2- Creativity: (Sacral Chakra) Fear, Grief, Paralyzed Will.
Free yourself from fear, and open yourself to your creative prowess.

Level 3- Power: (Solar Plexus Chakra) Pride, Anger, Desire.
Let go of anger, and step fully into your power.

Level 4- Openness: (Heart Chakra) Reason, Acceptance, Love.
Heal your heart’s wounds, and increase love for self as well as organization/structure.

Level 5- Expression: (Throat Chakra) Anxiety, Confidence, Low Self-Esteem.
Release anxiety so that you can express yourself fully.

Level 6- Vision: (Third Eye Chakra) Truth, Trust, Receptivity.
Let go of your old paradigm, and embrace your truth.Level 7- Purpose: (Crown Chakra) Peace, Joy, Enlightenment, Purpose.
Clear the pathway to peace, and align yourself to your greater purpose

I understand why we’d want to clear things like anger and fear, but why would we want to clear emotions like joy and peace?

Emotional clearing isn’t about emotions so that you don’t ever feel them. It is about clearing the pathway to the emotions so that you can experience them fully. Yes, even anger and fear need to be fully expressed in our lives. It’s when we repress these emotions that they get trapped in our bodies as trauma.

All of our emotions hold an innate wisdom to them that provide us with information about what is happening in the present moment. We are actually taught not to trust them because our emotional state, especially when it’s linked to trauma, isn’t always an accurate reflection of what’s happening in the given moment. When we clear that emotional patterning from the body, our emotions and body become the communicators of wisdom that they’ve always been but we’ve never allowed them to be.These clearings help you to reconnect with your body and release the stored energy from past traumas. It is a gentle and effective way to heal the mind-body split that often occurs after we experience trauma. Trauma doesn’t have to control our lives. There is hope for healing. The Spiral is one pathway toward this healing.

What is your everything?

Can you imagine your life, free from your limiting beliefs, where you embrace the everything that’s within you?

Consider The Spiral as a step toward making your everything a reality.

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