It’s okay to turn things down

It’s okay to be picky.

We are often taught that beggars can’t be choosers, and to some degree this is true. If you need something, you take what is available.

However, there comes a time in our businesses and our relationships where we no longer need to accept someone just because they show up. It’s okay to turn down dates. It’s okay to turn down clients. It’s okay to turn down invitations to speak in people’s masterminds.

It all comes down to alignment. And when I speak of alignment, I don’t mean the alignment outside of you, I mean the alignment within you. Are you so aligned that you know if these are people and situations that are in your highest good? Or, are you still in a situation of accepting every offer that comes your way because not very many of them come?

And this is what feels to be the paradox, when you’re not aligned with yourself, opportunities that are not aligned come to you, but since they are the only ones that come to you, you grab on to them because it feels like it’s the only thing that’s available, and yet by accepting them into your field and walking with them you become even more out of alignment.

And So the misalignment creates either lack or opportunities that pull us even further out of alignment. And so the only thing to do is realize that the outer world is it direct reflection of our inner world and see that you are attracting the clients that are attracted to your energy. You attract the romantic partners that are attracted to your energy. And you are invited to participate in projects that are aligned with your energy.

And so, at first, people want to seek out a business strategist, or an ads copywriter, but if you are not 100% clear in your energetic alignment, even the best professionals will only bring you the clients that are matched to your energy.

This is also true in the dating world, you can pay for a high-end coach to help you find the love of your life, but I can guarantee you with the first thing that they will work on is your internal energetic alignment.

At first, this work can feel daunting, because it feels like we’re stuck in this loop of I’m not successful because of how I’m aligned, but I need that success to help me feel aligned.

And, I’ve learned to make a game of it. Like if the clients that I’m attracting are in lack, where am I in lack? If the dates that I’m calling in aren’t clear and what they want, hell am I not clear and what I want? And after doing this work for a while, eventually, I saw that everything is giving me feedback. The entire world is showing me who I am and the energy signatures I’m putting up there, so it gives me the agency to focus on those areas of my life and shift those energetics.

So we often ask, “what do you want?”

However, the real question that we need to be asking is “Are you emotionally ready to receive what it is that you are asking for?”

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