“I am” statements are the most powerful thing in your reality.

They tell us who you think you are.

They identify your identity.

And while some of our identities are things that we may take on for a short period of time, most of these identities are deeply ingrained into our psyche.

I am pretty.

I am ugly.

I am fat.

I am sexy.

I am successful.

I am broke.

I am resilient.

I am easeful.

So when we are building our businesses, And they haven’t become where we desire them to be, it is often that we lack the identity of the person who is capable of holding the new frequency of the new business.

Shifting identity can be pretty quick with the right amount of work. Doing quantum clears on my identity has drastically shifted who I am, how I show up, and the success of my business. And, while the work is short, a 3-hour session, it takes a bit of time for the material world to catch up with the energetic shifts that have occurred.

However, just because the process can be fast does not mean that the process is necessarily easy. Before the work can be begin, one must be ready to let go of the old identity. And this is the hard part.

No matter how much you want this new identity, there will still be deep grief in letting go of your old identity.

No matter how much you want this new identity and this new phase of growth, there will be an apparent comfort and safety in the old identity because that is what you have grown to know, and you are stepping into the unknown, which means that everything will change in ways that you will not know until you get there, so it requires a lot of faith in your yourself and in the process.

And, when we go through identity level shifts we not only have the grief of letting go of our past self, but we also go through the process of grieving all of our past relationships because once the transformation has occurred we will no longer see those relationships through the eyes of the old identity, but we will see them through the eyes of the new identity which means that dysfunctional relationships will inherently need to shift. And this does mean that many relationships will come to an end. Other relationships will blossom. And new, more incredible relationships that you never could have imagined before will come forward.

And so stepping into the new identity means that you have to step out of attachment to the way things are now, having full trust that things will be different on the other side, but also knowing that if you knew how they would look on the other side, you would already have that new identity.

This is the art of the up level.

Are you ready?

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