Expansion requires deliberate discomfort

mitigated by an awareness of our own higher intention. 👀

Increasing your capacity means increasing your ability to observe, acknowledge, integrate, and evolve in accordance with your circumstances in your business and your life.

Lots of people say they want MORE.

More love.

More pleasure.

More power.

Still, not everyone will actually attain and sustain those frequencies because having more means holding more.

It means reconditioning scarcity programing and if you want to drink 16oz of water at once, but all you have is a shot glass, the solution is simple.


Access to abundance is all around you, but if you’re not positioned to receive it, then it’ll follow gravity and flow somewhere else.

It’s not about the hustle of just doing more, it’s about being more.

More clarity.

More devotion.

More presence.

This is why nervous system regulation is the foundation for every other type of expansion there is.

it’s the human part of your energetic operating system.

So when you’re ready to step up to your edge and PUSH, this is where it starts.

This is exactly why we don’t offer business development without personal development in any of our offers.

👑 Self is strategy.

This is how we alchemize frustration into growth.

This is how discomfort becomes merely data.

🔥 Frustration us the substrate of desire.

The irony is that once you stop running from it, you can access the pleasure on the other side.

When you truly surrender to your desire for greatness adjusting your prices, raising your standards, and creating a commanding brand are inevitable points on the path.

So if you’re really ready to step up into your next iteration, these are your stepping stones.

This is the art of the Up-level.

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