I want to know what you said no to

I want to know what you have said no to. All of the opportunities that have come along and masqueraded like your dreams, but were really a distraction.

I want to know about the times when someone pushed you in a direction that you knew wasn’t in alignment, and you stood your ground and said no and walked away.

I want to know about all of the times that you said no to that beautiful piece of cake because you knew how it was going to make you feel was not worth the indulgence.And I want to know about all the times when it would have been easy to take something that wasn’t yours or take advantage of someone else and you didn’t even consider it.

I want to know what you’ve said no to because that tells me that when you tell me yes that you really mean it.

I want to know that that yes was enthusiastic, aligned, and exactly what gave your heart wings. I want to know that your yes was not coerced or manipulated. That yes was not unsure. And that that yes was on the path of your deepest devotion.

But if I cannot trust you no, I cannot trust your yes. If you say yes to things that should have been no, how can I trust that what you are saying yes to is truly a yes versus you acquiescing.

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