Disrupt the Pattern

I call bs. No, like consistently. As a matter of habit, I feel compelled to be disruptive when I see patterns of harm. There’s a pervasive style of marketing in many industries that gets entrepreneurs in trouble time and time again. It’s the illusion that everyone is SO close to “success”.Example: ” You’re only one ________ away.”


One more paid masterclass. One more free challenge. One more fancy funnel. It’s super convenient that the person selling whatever the new magic bullet happens to be. The problem is that piecemeal strategy only prepares you for the very next step. It doesn’t do much to give you an understanding of your big picture plan. 👀This is exactly why so many hopeful people take ALL the classes and yet still end up too broke to build their business when it’s all over. People get caught up in the hype and forget that they got into all this to MAKE MONEY, not just spend it. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20.You won’t know you’ve made expensive mistakes until it’s too late. … and you can’t depend on the people pitching you to be focused on this, because frankly it’s not really their job. You have to know and enforce the boundaries in your business. So if you feel like you’re on the edge if an up level, there’s a lot you want to consider. 🚀This is especially true if you’re ready to rebrand, raise your rates, or make a financial commitment. ✨Clarity of purpose and priorities 👀 Credibility of claims and reputation ✨Ownership of your energies 👀Structures that suit your budget & lifestyle ✨Investment amounts at each step 👀Energetic shifts needed to sustain growthBuilding your business without plan will have you jumping from one shiny object to another, if you don’t have a game plan. So as yet another season of sales is coming up over the horizon, maybe it’s time you have a way to figure out what’s worth your energy and you cash? That way you don’t end up with a pile of receipts and regrets. Expansion is a very different frequency than exploration. When you know what you want from your next phase, it’s time to get intentional. Every great building starts with a blueprint. If you desire support with yours, DM us.

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