Are you ready to be seen?

Are you ready to have people you don’t know know who you are and what you do?

Have you looked your shame in the eye and come to accept, if not even love those parts of yourself?

Are you emotionally prepared to hold space for everyone’s projections of you?

Are you ready for people to assume who you are without taking the time to know who you are?

Are you fully grounded and confident in your work and in your message? So much so that when people question you you can know your truth unwaveringly, and get being receptive to feedback.

Are you confident in the work that you are putting into the world? And are you confident in being honest and saying no in the situations where your work is not appropriate?

Are you humble enough to say “I don’t know”?

So many people come to us asking to increase their visibility and to refine their messaging. Get energetically they are not ready to hold the energy of other people’s gaze.

This is why we not only help you craft the perfect message, but we also work with your energetic bodies and emotional bodies to give you the capacity to hold the energy that will be coming your way as you up level your business.

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